Workshops and Seminars in Morris Plains

Learn Important Safety Education And Anti-Bullying Tools With Our Safety Workshops

Ronin Martial Arts offers a number of workshops designed to help children stay safe and defend themselves in the turbulent modern world. We offer both fundamental safety training and anti-bullying seminars to ensure the safety and happiness of your child throughout their school semester. Sign up today to enroll in our expertly-designed safety Workshops.

Special Education and Developmental Disabilities

Our Instructors have 6 years experience in teaching students with developmental disabilities through a specialized program. What was once was a one-off group of classes has turned into a comprehensive program for this group, and reaches out to other students with different needs and abilities.

In-School Events

Our team has experience teaching on-site martial arts seminars at Denville elementary schools and fitness workshops at the County College of Morris. Our team also shows up to help entertain on many school Family Fun Days!

Scout Troop Seminars

Self Defense is one of the core skills taught in Tae Kwon Do, along with Stranger Danger and Bully Defense. We’ve hosted many seminars to teach scouts the skills needed to protect themselves and achieve merits to further their scouting careers. Most common merits earned are the Be Your Best Self badge and the Strong and Courageous patch.

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Our Workshops are open to anyone, and provide a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere that promotes a comfortable learning environment. Just fill out the form below to learn more about our child safety Workshops!

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