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Ronin Martial Arts is spearheaded by a team that is committed to student success and achievement across all programs. Our passion is creating a comprehensive experience for all students. The Ronin facility and programs are the result of years commitment, innovation, partnership, and hard work. Our one of a kind program is the result of collaborative efforts by our passionate students, families, and instructors. From Martial Arts to Kickboxing to Yoga, Ronin Martial Arts has something for everyone in Morris Plains, Parsippany, and Rockaway. Join us today to learn more, or fill out the short form on your screen to get started today!

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Anyone's children could not be in better hands under their guidance and I would highly recommend them for all of their services - for adults and children alike. My identical twin sons have been practicing Tae Kwon Do with John, Nick and Ryan since they were six years old.  Both my sons are on the autism spectrum and when I first enrolled the boys, I had no real high hopes for success. I am happy to say that not only have John and his team cared for my boys like they were their own brothers, but Sam and Tyler are still practicing today thanks to the safe and constructive environment the team has provided.  In fact, both boys are second degree black belts, they serve as Assistant Instructors 4 days per week and are continuing their practice during college in order to earn their third degree black belts.

Michele O.

John, Nick, Ryan and the rest of the Ronin team have figured out the secret recipe. My sons have been learning from these guys for the last 3+ years now and I’ve watched as they have learned something at each lesson – not just how to be better martial artists but better people. It’s the little bits that John and his team teach the kids that you just don’t get anywhere else – little pearls of wisdom about life from how to deal with bullies to how to treat others with respect! The instructors work with kids of all ages and needs and do so effortlessly. We have been so fortunate that our sons are learning from the best in the business! Keep up the great work Ronin!

Bonit S.

We love Ronin Martial Arts! John and Nick are terrific Tae Kwon Do instructors who are extremely effective with kids at a range of ages. Kelly, Ryan and Jason, and the junior instructors are warm and great role models for young kids. If my kids turned out like any of these individuals, we would be winning.

Our 5 year old has been working with them for a year. She was so bashful at first that John had to hold her hand while she ran around the gym to warm up with the pack of other kids. Now, on promotion day, she will do her forms by herself while everyone watches.

Our 3 year old just started after watching his big sis for the past year. They both keep wanting to come back so I’d say that they’re having fun, that they feel safe/cared for and my husband appreciates that the learning is both  challenging and age / skill appropriate.

Ronin feels like our third place: besides work and home, we’re there so much and we love it.

Michelle V.

John & Nick are beyond AMAZING! My son has been going to Ronin since the day they opened. I have only had the most professional experiences one could ask for. They treat my son like one of their own. I have complete trust in them. My son has learned so much from his lessons, from teamwork to leadership skills to so much more ! I honestly could not ask for a better place to send my son. Ronin is THE BEST ! All of the assistant teachers are amazing as well. Everyone goes above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and to help you and your child. They have been so absolutely amazing during COVID-19 and making sure everything is beyond sanitized and safe for all the students. #TeamRonin

Liz G.

Great group of experienced instructors; my daughter has trained with them for about 8 years, so glad to see them in this new convenient location! In addition to their extensive kids classes, they have great classes for teens, special needs, and adults, and their birthday parties are easy and fun. — Adding an update as I am now kickboxing and taking yoga there for myself and classes are very motivating! Both are a great workout and great for beginners!

Melissa G.

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