Ronin Martial Arts Reviews

The Ronin team is great for everyone. They are exceptionally good with kids. They make learning fun and go above and beyond to help their kids succeed in all aspects of life.

Diane Donaldson

strongly recommend! Instructors are great, attentive and really make the clasees fun and effective!!

Laura Adam

Ronin is a great facility that has and not limited to Taekwondo, Kickboxing, Yoga,etc. 10/10👍👍

Multimedia Lucario

Beautiful new facility. The space is great and is suited to all different type classes. The instructors are experienced, safety conscious, great with kids and adults.

I can’t wait to take some yoga classes there. Love the new location. Same wonderful teachers. Put this on your list of must do’s ! You won’t be sorry.

Stop in and check it out for yourself!!!!

Pat Gale

GREAT group of experienced instructors; my daughter has trained with them for about 8 years, so glad to see them in this new convenient location! In addition to their extensive kids classes, they have great classes for teens, special needs, and adults, and their birthday parties are easy and fun. ——Adding an update as I am now kickboxing and taking yoga there for myself and classes are very motivating! Both are a great workout and great for beginners!

Melissa Gibson

John, Nick, Ryan and the rest of the Ronin team have figured out the secret recipe. My sons have been learning from these guys for the last 3+ years now and I’ve watched as they have learned something at each lesson – not just how to be better martial artists but better people. It’s the little bits that John and his team teach the kids that you just don’t get anywhere else – little pearls of wisdom about life from how to deal with bullies to how to treat others with respect! The instructors work with kids of all ages and needs and do so effortlessly. We have been so fortunate that our sons are learning from the best in the business! Keep up the great work Ronin!

Bonit Sharma

For the past 11 years I have known John, Nick, and Ryan. From when I began to learn TaeKwonDo, they were always there encouraging me to go above and beyond. While they were teaching me TaeKwonDo, they would also teach me so much more than that. If I had not started TaeKwonDo, I would not be the person I am today. Ronin offers a variety of classes for students or adults interested in TaeKwonDo, Kickboxing as well as Yoga. These classes range from beginner to advanced. The classes are formed around the group of people that takes the class that day, they are not set to restrict anyone. I have never and will never regret taking TaeKwonDo and Kickboxing classes. Even if 5 year old Jason didn’t want to go to TaeKwonDo class after school! 5 out of 5 stars!

Jason Gabel

Immaculate,modern facility.Positive,welcoming and professional. Staff supportive,recognizes each students ability and potential as a individual.Definitely has motivated me to get fit and achieve....Mind,Body and Soul,. Try Ronin...... THEY INSPIRE!!!!!!!

Patricia Hertzel

Great facility, very friendly staff. Had a wonderful experience having my son's 4th birthday here! He and all of his guests loved it and it couldn't have been easier to plan!

MaryBeth Mariano

We've been with John, Nick and Ryan for almost 5 years. They are AMAZING with the active and quirky kids, super friendly, fully inclusive and accepting of all kids.

Dorothy V

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